About Us

The Monroes

Behind the J&M Decker Terrier name is us, Jillian and Michael Monroe! We are a husband and wife duo with our sweet two year old, Olivia Jo. Michael grew up on his family’s farm in Warren, Maine where we currently reside in a home of our own, with a horse farm of our own. When growing up, Michael was raised around the Rat Terrier breed, which inevitably led to our journey to breeding Decker Rat Terriers of our own. Jillian grew up with a passion for animals of all shapes and sizes, with a particular love for horses and dogs. Since she was a teenager, Jillian began rescuing and fostering dogs. During her journey as an avid animal lover and advocate, she found her way into a kennel and veterinary office where she shadowed for some time before deciding that she wanted to be in a more hands-on environment with the animals she loved most. Now Jillian is a full time dog groomer of 15+ years. With her husband they own six dogs of various breeds, three of which being their Decker Line Rat Terriers that you will come to know on this page. All Decker Terriers from J&M will be brought into the world into a life full of love and fun with kids, cats, horses and other dogs. Find more in the following links !