Snuggle on the couch, or go hike the trails! these fun sized dogs can do it all!

Welcome to J&M Decker and old dominion Terriers! We are a small breeder but our passion and dedication to this breed is strong, our goal is to preserve what we love so much, and improve this amazing breed. Our Terriers are raised within our family home and on the farm.We are extremely hands on with our dogs, they are our family not just pets. While we have rescued and owned a large assortment of dogs over the past 20 plus years, we have discovered that the Decker Terrier or Old Dominion Terrier, were the best fit for our lifestyle, however we will always be an advocate for rescue as well. If you’re like us, and are looking for a great family dog, barn dog, a hiking and walking trails buddy, a loving family oriented pet that likes to work, whether it be through vermin control or agility, therapy dog, then J&M Decker and old Dominion Terriers would be the best choice for you. On our website you will find ample information on this breed to help you further decide if this amazing breed is the right choice for you and your family. We also highly encourage you to look to other sources as well our page about the breed has more information. Making sure this special breed ends up with the right home is our top priority! If you know that this breed is the perfect match for you, or you want to learn more please contact us. You will also find lots of litter updates, as well as images of the J&M Decker and Old Dominion Terriers in action. Enjoy!