Breed Resources and Information

Our family has always loved the Terrier types of breeds. During our search for another standard rat terrier, we discovered the Decker line Rat Terrier which they are trying to make their own category and registry, called the Old Dominion Terrier club of America. Due to their larger more athletic stature than the average rat terrier, we figured that this breed would be better fit to our family and lifestyle. The decker line rat Terriers, are a breed that can be traced back to their creation in the 1800’s, when hunters and farmers wanted to create the perfect working, hunting, and family dog for their lifestyles. The breed is made up of Rat Terrier, Fox Terrier, the Basenji and a few other breeds along the way. At the start of this breed, they carefully crossed the larger Rat Terriers with the other breeds in order to keep their size and structure, as well as cultivating an elegant look. In doing so, they also created a driven, hardworking breed, with extreme intelligence, with high energy but eagerness to please and work hard for their owners.


Decker Terriers are medium sized breed, weighing around 30-45 pounds on average. They have a short minimal shedding coat, and a muscular build. Thanks to their build and temperament they excel in a wide range of activities, hunting, falconry, therapy, and agility. The Decker Terriers are a very hardy and healthy breed that naturally doesn’t bark often.they are basically the perfect medium sized all purpose dog! Their energy is a good mix of go when you want and snuggle on the couch too!

This breed currently track pedigree under Rat Terriers with UKC and AKC. However, like minded breeders that want to preserve and better this bigger terrier are working hard in order to give them their own name and registry, as well as the well deserved name Old Dominion Terrier. There is also currently an ODT registry, that you can find linked below. if you get a puppy from us they would be triple registered with all of the above.