Our Dogs

Iron Mountain Ruger

Ruger is currently our only stud dog. He is 30 lbs and 17 inches tall. He is very athletic, and such a comedian. He loves everyone he meets once he warms up to you!

Briarbey’s Indy

Indy is 19 inches and 33 lbs. Indy is a little bit taller and longer than my others but very fast, she loves to run. She is a little bit reserved with new people at first, but a total couch potato whenever she gets the chance, she loves children and is just a sweet girl. She also EXCELS at ratting! she has prey drive with out being crazy.

Briarbey’s Arabella

Arabella and indy are from the same litter. Arabella is also 19 inches but weighs 35 lbs. She is a total love bug that gives hugs to everyone. She gets along with all dogs and people and just wants to please, although she is athletic and muscular, she has a very controlled energy. She also loves to hunt rats, and swim.